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Join us at the Boat Show, January 9-12, 2025, at the prestigious International Centre in Mississauga, a nexus for the marine industry. Elevate your brand, maximize savings, and showcase your marine products to a dedicated audience of enthusiasts and professionals. With unparalleled media exposure, hassle-free logistics, and a prime opportunity to network with industry leaders, this event promises exhibitors an unmatched platform for growth, visibility, and engagement. Dive into this world-class event and set sail towards unparalleled opportunities.


Exhibiting at a trade show involves more than just the expense of the booth space. We’re committed to helping you manage not only the booth costs but also all associated expenses. Our FOUR-DAY Boat Show is designed to significantly cut down your costs. From food and beverages to wages, hotels, and parking, you’ll see savings across the board. These four days provide Exhibitors ample time to cater to their customers while also minimizing staff fatigue.


Whether you’re in the realm of luxury yachts, powerboats, sailboats, marine accessories, or water sports gear, the Boat Show is your premier showcase. Engage both boating aficionados and industry professionals, letting them immerse in the excellence, artistry, and innovation your brand embodies. By exhibiting, you position your offerings squarely before eager buyers on the hunt for marine solutions. Leverage this focused audience to boost sales, confirm orders, and gather valuable leads that can propel your business growth long after the curtains close.


Exhibit at the Boat Show to directly engage with a dedicated audience of boating enthusiasts, industry experts, and potential buyers. Showcase your latest offerings and innovations to attendees passionate about the marine lifestyle. Additionally, connect with fellow exhibitors, immersing yourself in the heart of the boating market, enhancing your brand visibility, and building valuable industry connections.


What kind of media exposure will I get?


As an exhibitor, you'll reap the advantages of comprehensive marketing and promotional campaigns orchestrated by Marketer Shows, renowned producers of the North American International Motorcycle Supershow and the Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Shows at the International Centre.

We'll amplify your brand's visibility using our targeted advertising, robust social media outreach, and strategic public relations. The Boat Show is poised to receive substantial media coverage, spotlighting the event and its participants. This presents a prime opportunity to further showcase your brand and products to an expansive audience.

How much does parking cost?


Exhibitors, enjoy the luxury of hassle-free parking at the Boat Show at the International Centre. We've secured complimentary trailer parking for you, ensuring close proximity and utmost convenience.

For our Show Attendees, we've taken special measures to provide a seamless experience. With over 12,000 free parking spots available at the International Centre and adjacent lots, attendees can bypass the typical parking fees, which at many events can reach up to $40 per vehicle.

Join us and benefit from an event designed with both exhibitors and attendees in mind.

What does set-up and tear-down look like?


Experience hassle-free setup at the International Centre, equipped with eight drive-in doors and fifty accessible loading docks. Simplify your move-in and teardown process.

For our larger exhibitors, our Show Management will be onsite 24/7, ensuring ample time for mega booth setups. Sign up and let us ease your exhibition journey!

Who will attend?



The Boat Show is not only a marketplace for products but also a hub of industry professionals and experts. Rub shoulders with key decision-makers, industry influencers, and fellow exhibitors, fostering valuable connections that can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities. Exchange ideas, gain insights, and stay at the forefront of industry trends through meaningful conversations and networking events. 

The allure of the open sea, the thrill of the waves, and the promise of new horizons have always captivated humankind. It's no surprise then that The Boat Show, a premier boating tradeshow attracts a diverse and passionate audience every year. From industry professionals to boating enthusiasts, this event is a magnet for anyone and everyone connected to the world of boating.

1. The Marine Industry Professional: Meet Alexandra. With over a decade of experience in boat manufacturing, she's always on the lookout for the latest innovations in marine technology. Alexandra attends the tradeshow to network with suppliers, scout new materials, and stay updated on industry trends. She's particularly interested in sustainable boating solutions and is always eager to attend seminars and workshops that delve into this topic.

2. The Luxury Yacht Buyer: Raj is a successful entrepreneur with a penchant for the finer things in life. He's in the market for a new luxury yacht and knows that the tradeshow is the place to find the crème de la crème of high-end vessels. Raj is not just looking for a boat; he's looking for an experience. He's keen to meet with yacht designers, explore customization options, and perhaps even seal a deal by the end of the show.

3. The Boating Hobbyist: Liam is a weekend sailor who loves spending his free time on the water. He's not in the industry, nor is he looking to buy a new boat. But he's passionate about boating and loves to see what's new and exciting in the world of marine recreation. Liam attends the tradeshow to explore new gadgets, attend DIY boat maintenance workshops, and maybe even try out a kayak or paddleboard.

4. The Family Planner: Maria and her family have recently discovered the joys of boating. They're considering buying their first family boat and are at the tradeshow to explore their options. From safety equipment to family-friendly boat designs, Maria is on a mission to gather as much information as possible. She's also keen to attend seminars on boating safety and family-friendly boating destinations.

In conclusion, The Boat Show, a premier boating tradeshow is not just an event; it's an experience. It's where dreams meet reality, where passion meets profession, and where the past, present, and future of boating come together. Whether you're an exhibitor or an attendee, one thing is certain: the horizons are endless, and the possibilities are as vast as the open sea.

Can you tell me about the venue?



The International Centre in Mississauga stands as a beacon of excellence, offering state-of-the art facilities, expansive exhibition space and ample parking. Its convenient location provides easy access to major highways such as Highways 27, 400, 401, 407, 410 and 427. Less than five minutes away is Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for those flying in. With a sophisticated ambiance and modern amenities, the International Centre sets the stage for a truly memorable boat show experience.

Where are the cost savings?


Join us at The Boat Show, where exhibitors enjoy a seamless setup and teardown experience with their own teams, complemented by complimentary large carts for freight management. Beyond the booth space, our FOUR-DAY Boat Show is meticulously crafted to optimize your expenses, from food and beverages to accommodations and parking. Dive into an event that prioritizes your convenience, maximizes savings, and ensures ample engagement time with customers, all while minimizing staff fatigue.

What are the labour and freight rules?


At the International Centre, enjoy the flexibility to set up and dismantle your display with your own team.

Manage your freight in and out seamlessly, and bring along your pallet trucks and carts. Should you require them, large carts are available for your use, complimentary.

Join us and experience an exhibitor-friendly environment tailored for your convenience.



The Boat Show at the International Centre in Mississauga, January 9-12, 2025 is the ultimate destination for exhibitors looking to make a splash in the boating industry. With its exceptional venue, enthusiastic audiences, networking opportunities, and extensive marketing reach, this event offers a gateway to success. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your brand, forge valuable connections, and propel your business forward. Secure your spot today and dive into an unforgettable exhibition experience!

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